Conversations With POTUS

Ed:          Good morning Mr. President. Could I have a word with you?
POTUS:  Who the hell are you! And how did you get into the oval office?
Ed:          Well, I just walked in. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around outside.
POTUS:   picks up phone: Security! Get in here NOW!…. What the hell! I’m getting a busy signal!
Ed:          There was no one at the front desk either.
POTUS:   What’s going on around here? Where is the Secret Service?
Ed:           It is ten o’clock after all. They are probably on coffee break.
POTUS:   This can’t be happening! I must be losing my mind!
Ed:           You look alright to me. Could I ask you a few questions?
POTUS:   Why should I talk to you? Who the hell are you, anyway?
Ed:           I’m nobody; just an ordinary citizen, but you are my president.
POTUS:   Did you vote for me?
Ed:          Well…no. But still, you are supposed to represent me.
POTUS:   I don’t think I’m YOUR president.
Ed:           It won’t do much good for me to talk to Mitt, or John.
POTUS:   smiles and relaxes a bit. You have a point there. What’s your question?
Ed:           I can’t believe that a man of your intelligence really believes in this Climate Change     crap.  Why are you pushing it so hard. You must have a good reason. I would like to know what it is.
POTUS:   Aren’t you being a bit condescending, calling it crap? Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists say it’s not “crap”, as you put it.
Ed:          Please! Don’t go Al Gore on me. Ninety-seven percent of scientists could never agree on anything; unless they were being paid to do so.
POTUS:  What about the hockey stick?
Ed:          Pure bullshit, and I am sure you know it.
POTUS:  Don’t you notice that it’s getting warmer?
Ed:          Of course it is! We’re between ice ages, anyway it’s not a big problem. Canada, Russia, and Northern Europe would benefit from a few degrees warming in winter.
POTUS:  What about sea level? Don’t you think that’s a problem?
Ed:          Sea level is rising seven inches per century. And we can’t do anything about it.
POTUS:  You are overlooking all those computer models that are predicting catastrophic Global Warming. The IPCC has spent billions on them. What about them?
Ed:         Garbage in, Garbage out.
POTUS:  Since you are obviously a confirmed skeptic as far as climate change is concerned,
I should point out that there are environmental issues to consider, not to mention runaway population growth.
Ed:          If there is no manmade global warming, the environment is what it is, and what does global warming have to do with population growth?
POTUS:  We have to stop population growth. There are too damn many people.
Ed:          I repeat. What does global warming have to do with population growth? And besides, demographers say that world population will stabilize by 2050. How does abandoning oil and coal solve any population problem?
POTUS :   It will reduce industrial development.
Ed:           Actually, it will destroy the world’s economy. Everyone’s living standards will be devastated. Especially that of the poor people in third world countries. Wait a minute! Is that how you are going to solve the population problem? Starve them out?
POTUS:   Gets agitated, walks around his desk several times. I’m not talking to you anymore. I’ve said too much already. Get out of my office!
Ed:         You have nothing to fear from me. I’m a nobody. No one is going to believe I just walked into the oval office and had a conversation with the President of the United States, much less believe anything I might say about what you might say. I think it would do you good to get a load off your chest.
POTUS:  I suppose you’re right. I can hardly believe it myself. Heaves a sigh, sits down, and stares silently into space for a few moments. Just so you know, it’s not all my idea.
Ed:         Softly, unaggressive now. Whose idea is it?
POTUS:  Have you ever heard of The Club of Rome? Or The Council on Foreign Affairs?
Ed:          Can’t say that I have.
POTUS:   Many have not. They are organizations of the most powerful men in the world.
Ed:           Excuse me Mr. President. You are the most powerful man in the world.
POTUS:   So I’m told, but their wealth and influence is unmatched by any political leader. Among them are those in control of international banking, and therefore, in control of the bulk of the planet’s wealth, as well as in control of the monetary systems of the major nations around the world,  They are quite capable of bringing the economy of the entire earth to catastrophic failure. Beside, in a few months, I will be out of office and just as powerless as any one else.        Ed:          So they are the ones worried about the population?
POTUS:   They’re worried about a lot things. They believe that further industrialization will
destroy the environment, and quality of life, and will use the panic induced by the Global Warming campaign to de-industrialize the world. Many are convinced that Capitalism has created a more contentious world population and believe that a move to redistribution of wealth will make for a more stable world. Above all, they are certain that excess human population growth will render the Earth uninhabitable in the near future, and intend to depopulate the world through the fear of Manmade Global Warming.
Ed:          That doesn’t make sense. You are telling me that these fabulously wealthy and powerful men are against industrialization and capitalism? And they want to redistribute wealth?
POTUS:   Not their wealth, of course, your wealth and my wealth. They have already made their money. Now they just want a stable world with no wars that they can control.
Ed:           I don’t see how they can expect to control a world that they have just impoverished.
POTUS:   That’s the other thing.
Ed:           What other thing?
POTUS:   World Government.
Ed:           You’re saying the Club of Rome is planning a World Government?
POTUS:   Not just the Club of Rome; The Council on Foreign Affairs, several United Nations Agencies, and most of the major environmentalist organizations. They have all come together in order to eliminate sovereign nations. They intend for the United Nations to be in control of all people everywhere.
Ed:          That’s the scariest thing I have ever heard! The United Nations can’t find their ass with both hands. How in hell could they control the whole planet?
POTUS:   Well, current leadership is a bit flakey, and they know that. But once The Club of Rome is in charge, they think they can recruit better talent.
Ed:           Any names mentioned?
POTUS:   Well, I suppose they will be looking to individuals who have experience running large governments.
Ed:           Large governments like, maybe, the United States?
POTUS:   Possibly.
Ed:           I see! Have they made you a firm offer yet?
POTUS:   That’s not the issue. The issue is that in order to preserve civilization, it is mandatory that all sovereign governments are dissolved and replaced by a benign World Government.
Ed:           And you think the United Nations is the place for this World Government?
POTUS:   Well, sure. The basic organization already exists. We don’t have to start from scratch.
Ed:           I notice you said “we”. You are already on board then?
POTUS:   Isn’t it obvious that a World Government is inevitable? How else could the chaos of civilization be brought under control?
Ed:           It seems to me that Hitler, among others, had similar ideas. So far, it hasn’t worked out for any of them. I have the feeling that “chaos”, as you put it, might be better than World Government under the control of egotistical maniacs such as The Club of Rome. And perhaps you should be included among the maniacs.
POTUS:   I suppose ignorant fools such as yourself can’t be expected to understand the importance of achieving consolidated World Government. If you will excuse me now, I have more important things to do. You can show yourself out.

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