Understanding Trumpism

The Republican Establishment is panic stricken now that Donald Trump has become the presidential nominee. So much so that they are not getting the message that is being given to them (and to Democrats) by his robust performance in the primaries. They rail against his perceived shortcomings without understanding what they signify.

He may be a bit unschooled in FOREIGH AFFAIRS, but he knows that the United States is the most powerful, most successful, economically strongest, most altruistic, generous and moral Nation in the entire world. And that it makes no sense for us to avoid taking the leadership role that is so sorely needed by the rest of the nations; no sense to make self-destructive agreements with the likes of Iran; no sense to apologize to the likes of Cuba, China, or anyone else; no sense to back down from Russia or any European, or Arabic country.

He may be a little out-spoken on immigration and refugee matters, but he knows that it is beyond stupid to allow Muslims to immigrate in large numbers because they do not desire our way of life, or culture. He knows many of them are unwilling and unlikely to assimilate, especially when they are poorly vetted politically. Have we learned nothing from the European fiasco? He knows that the ongoing, economically, and culturally destructive illegal immigration across our Southern border has been out of control for decades, and that prior Administrations, both Republican and Democratic, have been unwilling to do what it takes to bring it under control.

He may be outrageously outspoken on other matters, but he knows the wide-spread, aggressive political correctness with regard to ethnicity, race and gender variation, is over-blown, distractive, and destructive to civil society. He knows that political correctness in the realm of higher education, not only by students, but by faculty and administration as well, is not just disruptive, but threatens to degrade the entire college/university culture. He understands that the ultimate goal of this political correctness is to instill ultra-liberal collectivism into the core of future influential citizens.

He is a little bombastic on the subject of FREE TRADE, but that is because he knows that it makes no sense to gut American manufacturing so that we could have cheaper electronic toys, clothes, notions and so on. He knows that it was not necessary to make it easy and economically attractive for American Industry to move overseas. Free trade could have been handled in such a way that foreign enterprises could be competitive with American companies without giving them overwhelming advantages.

He also knows that much of the above destructive behavior is at the behest of powerful, lavishly funded lobbies, and pressure groups who put their economic and/or political interests ahead of the well being of ordinary Americans. Trump, it should be noted, was self-funded in the primary election process. It is very possible that he believes what he says, and says what he believes. If that is true, he could be the most effective president since Ronald Reagan.




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