The Twilight of Freedom

Resolved: The collective society of planet earth is on the brink of chaos and anarchy.

  • The population of humans is approaching unsustainable numbers.
  • Human racial, religious, and ethnic conflicts are growing out of control.
  • Democratic forms of government are falling into economic disarray.
  • Authoritarian forms of government are drowning in corruption and ineptitude.
  • Resources necessary to the sustenance of human life are being rapidly depleted.

Therefore: It is our mandate to preserve human kind by bringing order to governance. In order to accomplish this it is necessary to annihilate all incidences of existing authority, to be replaced by worldwide power to which every human must submit and pledge allegiance on penalty of imprisonment and/or death.

The process: The following procedures are to be implemented step by step:

1) Recruit and fund a worldwide cadre of professional activists loyal to the cause. Make special efforts to recruit educators, and university faculty.

2) Break down the authority of existing governance, and administration.

a) Capture leadership positions in each through appropriate subterfuge: corrupt elections, defaming existing leaders, and popular candidates.

b) Incite mass anxiety through exaggerated reports of, or implemented crisis. Climate Change is the most  plausible and widely accepted example of false crisis.

c) Make every effort to instigate civil, and ethnic uprising and conflict.

3) Consolidate leadership in major areas through corrupted elections, managed demographics through immigration policies, aggression, or military overthrow of existing authority.

4) Through this consolidated leadership, impel wealthy areas into bankruptcy by excessive spending on environmental issues, entitlements, and welfare.

5) It is imperative that military and police capability in local areas is discredited, defunded, and degraded. It is vitally important that all citizens are disarmed.

6) Through this leadership, drive impoverished areas into chaos by corruption and civil unrest.

7) Organize a world military loyal to, and funded by, the United Nations.

8) Once bankruptcy and chaos are worldwide, establish World Governance under authority of The United Nations, all other sovereignty declared null and void.

9) Task the World Military to forcefully eliminate any and all dissention.

SO SAY WE, ONE AND All: Club of Rome – United Nations Conference on Environment and Development – United Nations Commission on Global Governance – Worldwatch Institute – Earth Policy Institute – World Wildlife Fund. 


Of course, this imagined scenario is not only simplistic, but exaggerated as well. However, looking at current events, much of it seems to be happening right before our eyes.






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