What I want in a Presidential Candidate


  • The ability to win the election.
  • Determination to abide by, and enforce the Constitution of the United States; especially the tenth amendment.
  • Determination to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will also enforce the Constitution.
  • Is dedicated to systematically reducing the size and scope of the Federal Government.
  • Is willing to reverse the excesses of so-called “Free Trade”, and return American industry and jobs to the Homeland.
  • Recognizes that his first obligation is to the citizens of The United States, rather than to his political party, or other countries.
  • Is willing to do whatever it takes to secure the borders and stop illegal immigration.
  • Recognizes that allowing legal immigration of people who are unlikely to integrate, and adopt our way of life, is unwise and must be minimized.
  • Understands that America has enemies who are eager to destroy us and our way of life, and is willing to confront them on their home ground rather than on ours.
  • Understands that there are factions within our own population determined to transform our government into a collective, socialistic, utopian form, that have infiltrated our Federal Bureaucracies, Political Institutions, Educational Institutions, the main stream media, as well as State and Local public institutions; and is determined to counter these factions through vigorous promotion of American History and education in the core values of the American way of life.
  • Is determined to: make Social Security and Medicare fiscally sound, completely overhaul the tax code, work towards eliminating public debt, and toward living within our means.
  • Will severely reign in the excesses of Federal Agencies such as: EPA, Department of Education, Forestry Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Game, Education, Internal Revenue, FEMA, Corp of Engineers, NASA, NOAA, ect.
  • Will choose a like minded Vice President and work to support his election to President at the end of his term.







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