The Loss of Meaning

As the scope and influence of religion has waned in modern times, the conviction that there is no God to judge, protect, and punish, and for mankind to serve, has begun to permeate the thought processes of some people. It seems that, rather than freeing the intellect to ponder more practical matters, the lack of deity has resulted in an uncomfortable void in their minds. This void is often subconscious, resulting in undefined discontent.

This state of mind may be the reason for the misanthropic motives of the uncompromising environmentalists. Those with this state of mind see mankind as an unmitigated blight on the natural world, having despoiled the planet to sustain an excess population of self-serving fools, intent only on shallow gratification through senseless music, ridiculous fashion, superficial socialization, and on an insatiable lust for property, for electronic toys, automobiles, and all manner of pointless consumption. In their eyes, humans are no longer considered a product of divine will; they are a pestilence. Environmentalism has replaced God, and dispelled the undefined discontent. Now, humans are expendable.

While this point of view sometimes seems justified, the environmentalists are pursuing a strategy of attrition, whereby the human population will slowly be starved for space, enterprise, energy, and natural resources. For this strategy to be successful, the general public must be deceived into believing that such measures are for the benefit of all as set forth in the United Nations AGENDA 21. Actually, the dubious benefits would be for those who survive the inevitable economic and social disintegration that is their goal. If the God-forsaken environmentalists are successful in implementing their strategy, a very long era of poverty and depravation will eventually ensue. The years of agony while the excess human population dies out are too much to endure for this fanciful notion of saving the environment. Better to wait for a giant meteorite to wipe us out so nature can start anew. Humanity is not forever after all. It is only a brief experiment in evolution that the Earth will survive.