Sinister Motivations

  • There is no scientifically credible reason to conclude that Man Made carbon dioxide is controlling global temperature.
  • There are no credible data supporting the claim that increased carbon dioxide is increasing global temperature.
  • There is currently no global warming. A slight cooling has occurred over the past 17 years.
  • There is nothing unprecedented or extraordinary about temperature changes, atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, or other climate variations or weather events over the past 50 or 100 years.
  • It is not certain that the climate is going to get warmer; it is just as likely to get cooler in the near future.
  • The rate of sea level rise is not increasing. It has been rising a small amount per year for 20,000 years.
  • The only certainties are that climate and sea levels will change, as they always have.
  • It would be useful to keep in mind that all the hyperbole about global warming is derived from a 7/10′s of one degree global temperature increase and a 1/10,000th increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over fifty or 100 years.
  • The United Nations IPCC is not about climate science. It is about social engineering.


All of the above statements are true, and yet the drumbeat of Global Warming continues unabated. Why?

Some, but by no means all, adherents seem to actually believe that Carbon Dioxide is going to cause disastrous temperature increases, a contention easily and often refuted. Others believe that industrialization is destroying the Environment, and quality of life, and hope to use the panic induced by the GW campaign to de-industrialize the world’s societies. Many are convinced that Capitalism has created an unjust world society and believe that a move to Socialism and redistribution of wealth will make for a happier world. Others are certain that excess human population growth will render the Earth uninhabitable in the near future, and hope to depopulate the world through the fear of Manmade Global Warming. Some are simply misanthropic to an extreme and would destroy all humanity if they could.

I believe that the most insidious of all are those who long for One World Government. And in most cases, they believe that that Government should reside in The United Nations. The form of this desired Government would be ECO-FACIST, wherein human needs and desires are subjugated to Environmental concerns as perceived by a ruling faction . By its nature, this Government would be authoritarian to the extreme. It is no coincidence that the main impetus of the Climate Change Movement is within The United Nations bureaucracy.

How likely are these motivating goals to be achieved? 

Significant Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Most economists and independently knowledgeable scientists and political leaders agree that reducing CO2 emissions to a level that would have measureable effect on the climate (assuming that CO2 has noticeable effect on climate) is not realistically possible in the foreseeable future. Many Environmental activist leaders admit that it is too late, in their estimation, to avoid seriously detrimental Global Warming. Yet the pressure to take radical, costly, and futile measures to reduce carbon emissions intensifies daily

De-Industrialization the Demise of Capitalism

The hope of the Climate Change Movement is that enough propaganda will terrify the general populations to the extent that they will rise up and demand that their Governments defer to The United Nations. My hope is that will never happen. It would result in an overthrow of Capitalism along with Democracy and self-determination in all developed nations of the world; surely this is an impossibility without Authoritarian One World Government, to which China, Russia, Germany, Great Brittan, Japan, and hopefully the United States and Canada would never agree without a Third World War. A war instigated  by whom? Greenpeace? World Wildlife Fund? Earth First? The Club of Rome? Sierra Club? The United Nations Army?

Yet Maurice Strong, said to be the primary power behind the UN throne, writes “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?  Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”


Hitler tried this and it turned out to be very unpopular. China had a drastic birth restriction scheme in place for decades with little effect. War has been the most efficient means of reducing populations throughout history, but the side effects are very disruptive and  nobody wants to do that anymore. The only hope is for someone to let loose a manmade super virus that could spread and infect people around the globe. Believe it or not, there are environmental radicals who propose this very atrocity.

So, while it seems unlikely that the Climate Change Movement will reach its ultimate goals, it is already causing serious damage to the rational world, and it is sure to get worse before it gets better.